Ever thought of cognitive enhancement? How about keeping track of your cognitive performance? Want to improve your memory? Want to make better decisions? Would like to develop your brain function?

Well, the "Brain" category is just for that. Anything and everything related to the brain - umm, not everything, but don't get me wrong - this isn't end all, be all. You will most certainly find something useful and interesting.

These services/products/resources will get your brain juices flowing.

Cambridge Brain Sciences

A leading web-based platform for the assessment of cognitive function. Can be used on a personal configuration or used in medicinal practice and enterprise involvement.


Our body is our body for a reason. If we are given this blessed opportunity to experience the world via this vessel, why not make it work for us and worth our while?

You can become mobile, flexible, supple. Become strong, powerful and capable. Become fluid, swift and accurate. All of these things are natural to the physical human experience. We have just forgotten how to be it.

Some of these services/products/resources will help you get in tip top shape and physical prowess.

Kensho Health

Kensho is a new-age holistic health platform, which makes it easy for you to find, online or in-person expert providers in their field - who can help you with any health issues.


Haven't we heard others tell us - "We are what we eat.". I mean - if you think about it, it kind of makes sense. You eat terrible, you feel like you don't feel. You eat well, you take on the world.

Some foods are inflammatory, some are malevolently conspiring, some are just bad. But there's a bright side to food. You can eat well and still enjoy the taste.

These services/products/resources will help you feel better, look better and live better.


Ah, genetics. DNA, RNA, blah blah. They decide it all, well, at least that's we are told.

Nonetheless, why don't you find out for yourself. Even if you think or don't think genetics play a tremendous factor in our development and success - a proper genome sequencing can give you a jump-start in understanding your body and what can improve your performance all round.

Don't miss out on modern advances in technology, and get your data delivered straight to you. Hack your own body, know the code and use it.


SelfDecode allows you to take your sequence genome and get personalized reports on the selected traits and aspects of your DNA. They also provide a full testing kit, so you don't have to outsource from the like of 23AndMe.

Dante Labs

DanteLabs provides a whole-spectrum genome sequencing at a very reasonable price. In addition to the analysis, they add an intricate profile for various bio markers within your DNA. They use some of the most advanced technology in the industry.


Promethease is a written literature retrieval platform that develops a personal DNA report, based on your file of DNA genotypes, sequenced elsewhere and cross-compares it to the scientific findings cited in SNPedia.


Give us back those minutes. Everybody wants to sleep more, but sleep less. In any case, neither is optimal, and we really want is to sleep better.

So that's what we will do - these links will help you achieve optimal levels of sleep, recovery and dream fluency.

Anything goes - beds, herbs, supplements, methods and science-backed research. All of this is present within the compounds of this category. Now wake up and get going, you got to sleep soon.

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is an accurate sleep and activity tracker. The device features science-validated sleep tracking and personalize report integrations. It can can track your physiological signs, in order to help you optimize your lifestyle.


Flux is a screen-regulation application. It allows you to adapt the color tensile of your screen to the time of day. There are studies, which correlate certain light frequency emissions with poorer quality of sleep. Flux takes on this task.


Spirituality. The favorite hated topic of the modern age people. Hate god, hate self, hate others. In the whole of that group, there is not much room for spiritual.

It simply does not fit. You must learn to let go, relax and be with the wind that you create. No need to overthrow the important aspects of your life. Just get a little inspiration from the lesser-greater faculties of the mind, body and spirit.

This is for you, not for anyone else.


Most often - people rely on external influence to heal them, make them stronger, feel better. Well, it does work. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, micro-nutrients, and words you don't even know how to pronounce.

They are necessary to our function, and most likely are produced or sourced within the body. In any case, if you're going to get supplements - you might, as well get them at a trusted supplier with COA's and quality control.

Control what you put in your body, make use of supplements to reach optimal performance and health. But don't rely on them.

Examine should be your first destination for science-based supplement and nutrition research. It is full of useful, peer-reviewed information for all of your health needs.


PubMed is the largest database for published science analyses, n-experiments and other journals under U.S NIH/NLM. All of the content is free, and widely accessible.


A competitive edge. A productivity booster. A herald of human drought. An elimination of unnecessary human characteristics. All of this possible with nootropics. However, they are not the solution. They are the mediator between the end result and the cause.

This section is experimental, despite having lots of scientific back-up. So tread at your own risk, and always do the research first. You don't want to mess up your self, just because you wanted to be able to work a little longer, and run a little faster.

All of the companies provide COA, quality control and in-house laboratory testing, in order to provide safe and effective nootropics.



When it comes to wealth - the largest differentiation between those who consider themselves to be poor, and those who are rich is mindset. The mindset defines the way you envision wealth, and that decides how you feel.

If wealth means having money, then that's how you see it - and you might not feel satisfied with less money. But if you see wealth, as a means for being thankful for everything - life becomes much simpler.

These services/products/resources are there for you to expand and rearrange your relationship with wealth.


For most people, Income is the paycheque they get from their job. However, there are a myriad of other ways to make money flow in to your life without a job. Wait, what about work?

Well, not having a job - doesn't mean you don't work. It simply means you prioritize other things, then expanding on the wishes of a corporate structure.

So these resources will provide some simple income sources and methods that you can use, no matter what level of financial fluency you are at.


People don't like earning money. They like spending it. But when it ends, they have to go back to work and dread upon the useless expenses they took upon themselves.

The liability of money is not knowing how to use it. Budgeting doesn't mean you stash some cash under your mattress. It means you learn how to manage the influx of assets in your life, and make better decisions when it comes to financial acquisition.

Learn how to budget, spend and secure your finances, in order to free yourself from the chains of these legal fictions.

Remote Work:

Most people live where they work, work where they live, and live where they live. If you look at statistics, majority of people don't even take their holidays. Well, I prefer to travel and work from anywhere, so that's what I do.

Remote job boards; no-code tools and resources; guides and courses; books and experiences; anything that has to do with being able to travel and earn a living, or earn a living and then travel can be found here.


There will come a time, when you will regret not investing in something. You might be investing in yourself, but your buddies are constantly telling you -"Have you heard of this? Have you invested in this?".

That's how the banks get rich. Create some drama, play with the currency and cash out.

You're not a bank, so you can make more respectable choices - this list will provide some interesting companies, services that will help you make your money work for you.

The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is an information platform, providing insights into financial world. The platform reaches a boasting 50 million readers per month. 25 years of intricate investment advice and wealth management.

Financial Freedom:

Financial Freedom seems like a buzzword. Albeit, it is achievable in whatever regards you like.

Being able to travel freely? Purchase luxuries when you feel like? Employ the services of others? Create impact-oriented projects? Take care of your family? It goes on and on.

Ask yourself what you want. Write it down, and tackle it with the resources provides within this category. This is your life, so rid yourself of the monetary chains.



Some books are old. Some books are new. But language is ageless. It persists beyond the compound of paper, it persists beyond the cavities of our speaking apparatus, it persists beyond the expanded mind.

Interpretation is a difficult thing, but it is a beautiful one at that. If we can learn to interpret language and not be swayed by it, we can learn how to do anything we like. Education is based on sharing, so why not take some time to interpret what others have been sharing via written word in books.

These written pieces are exceptionally exquisite, so tread carefully.

Online Courses:

It's 2020. Schools still exist, people still spend real-life years at educational institutions and spend money to get degrees.

Online education and E-learning is bigger than ever, and you can make use of it. Compact, intricate and actionable course work is more likely to spike your gears into focus.

Get with the game, spend a couple of hours a week learning and you will see how far you get.

Lynda + LinkedIn

Lynda + LinkedIn Learning is an online education platform, providing video courses on a variety of subjects. Including business, software use, creativity methods, film editing, screenwriting. The list goes on and on.


MasterClass provides access to intricate online classes from the best creators in the world. Some of which, are Hans Zimmer, Margaret Atwood, Martin Scorcese, Dan Brown. Go ahead and check it out, you'll be surprised.


SkillShare is an e-learning platform with a large list of online classes taught by the world's best at what they do. If you like, you an become an educator, as well. Personal, on-demand varied learning. Don't miss out.


Social Fluency is not a god-given gift. What it is though - is a skill that can be developed to whatever capacity you like. Learning the ins and outs of social communication is part of your education.

Perhaps, it is even the most important part of your education. You just don't know about it yet. And no - being social doesn't mean you get to be cocky and make fun of others.

Social fluency is remaining calm, kindhearted and empathetic, while remaining the pulling attraction of magnitude that makes you a better listener, speaker and person.


Teachers, Parents, Friends, Coaches - the list goes on. They all have one thing in common. They are all teaching us lessons in some way. They are mentoring and guiding our behavior in some manner.

They don't say this by accident: "You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with." So why not choose our teachers, choose our friends, choose those who we want to inspire and be inspired by.

Mentorship can be remote, in-person or ethereal. They all do the same thing. They are there for you to expand in your development, so that you can become a mentor for somebody else.

Are you an educator?:

Do you have experience to share? Are you an expert on a subject or proficient in something? Have you developed coursework for a community?

If you consider yourself to be an educator or would like to become one. All of this is possible with education platforms and Expiscor Education.

Expiscor Education has a wide-range of subject categories for courses, even though the main principle is within Esoteric boundaries. But shoot your shot and the community might be interested in having your own courses, books and ideas shared with the world.



How could we forget to include the services of those who run this whole thing? Well, we couldn't. So this category is dedicated to all of the esoteric services that Expiscor provides.

And if you are on this page, and don't even know what Expiscor is. It's about time you find out - not only will you feel more invigorated, you will also learn how to cultivate your own life and develop your personal freedom.

Click any of the links below to go down the rabbit hole or click on the button in the top-left corner of this website.


So many people have forgotten the value of reading. Even though we are put through rounds of hell in school, reading books we don't like; stories that we don't understand; or listen to the interpretations of our teachers.

Reading slowly fades away from the horizon of our development, and technology fills in the void. Inherently, there is nothing wrong with that. But Esoteric Inquiry and Discovery requires you to become an avid reader.

Here is some prominent occult and esoteric literature for your satisfaction and growth.


Once again, we go over the value of E-Learning in 2020. For those who are practicing or beginning to learn about esoteric practices, occult subjects - E-Learning is the place to be.

Occultists no longer have to hide with their mates in a dungeon to make connections with spirits. Even though, the mystical and fun experiences still preside. You can learn anything you want about the occult from the comfort of your home.

These are the most prominent and useful mind-expanding platforms for your esoteric education.


People love to communicate. Practicing in the occult can be alienating. It can most certainly make you feel like you're going crazy.

So it's important to make connections and keep up with other members of the esoteric communities. The easiest way to do this is to use forums to your advantage.

Here are some of the most populated and elaborate esoteric/occult communities,
in which you can question, discuss, create and share. Unless, you want to just read and be a ghost. You can do that too.

Products and Accessories:

Esoteric inquiry doesn't start with literature and doesn't end with e-learning. There is a whole world of commerce behind the walls, and you can make use of it too.

Stones, gems, crystals. Pendants, rings, symbols. Herbs, spices and scents. Occult products are most interesting, because of their deeply rooted assertions in history, religion and symbolism.

Even if you think they don't work or are just gimmicks - it's the meaning and intent that counts. So feel free to get lost in them.



Work better, work faster, work more, work less. Whatever productivity means to you - it is yours. Don't hesitate and rid yourself of countless procrastination.

We live in a great time. Even though the average person is working more hours than before - people are integrating technology and efficient workflows to make their work more productive.

If you feel like you're falling behind or haven't start a project, because you don't know how to do it. These products/resources/services will help you become more productive in your work and personal life.


Notion is the penultimate organization tool. You can write, plan, collaborate - drag and drop design blocks. Notion is all you need — in one tool.


No Logo, huh. Noisli is a web-application for various sounds, which are meant to improve your productivity by mediating your alpha state of awareness. Stack the sounds and create your own symphony.


Coding is overwhelming. It takes time and most likely - you won't be one of the people who pulls through all the way. But coding is no longer necessary from the creator side. You can run and manage successful projects without code. Well, built on other's people code that allows you to not code.

But nonetheless, if you are looking to build websites, platforms, have a software idea - all of this can be done with no-code services. It will take time, but it so worth it.

Learn No-Code and let your babies blossom. It's time for you to act.

Security and Privacy:

Age of technology. Unsecured and unprotected. If you use the internet, a computer or phone - you are at risk at having you data, sent all around the world and accessible to anyone, who would spend time to discover it.

Well, actually - it's already like that. Full privacy, full security, full protection cannot be promised, but you can still maintain some degree of individual freedom.

VPNs, security boxes, password managers, encryption - you name it. It's all here. Most trusted and secure. Open-source and editable services.


SAYmine is a web-application, which allows you to reclaim your data, via analyzing any of the services that have access to your google accounts. is a web application that allows you figure out, where you might have used your accounts and then remove them via legal policy removal requests.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is privacy-first, ad-free, secure browser - based on the favorite chromium platform. It boasts a x3 page loading improvement, unlike slower counterparts.


DuckDuckGo is the best replacement for Google. It has no interest in your data, and has integrated phishing/ad block software, which makes your experience about you.


LastPass is a secure, encrypted password manager, which works perfectly fine for free. This extension will generate complex passwords, and store them for easy access.

Modern Entrepreneurship:

Nowadays - some of the biggest companies have started by some young individuals, full of dedication and coincidental luck. This doesn't mean they weren't knowledgeable. On the contrary, it takes a highly educated and passionate person with efficient drive to get somewhere.

Modern entrepreneurship is different. You can bootstrap global projects with Fortune 500 evaluations, all without leaving your room. But there will come a time when you will have to leave that comfort, and make the business real. Tangible, perhaps.

These products/resources/services are for those who want to start a business project with a laptop, a brave attitude and capable mind.


Stripe is a global software platform f with many opportunities when running an internet business. They handles billions of dollars every year. Think Paypal, but more intuitive, secure and API-supported.


Humans are nomads at heart. Vagrants and explorers. Being stuck in one place is horrendous. But many do not realize it. They are enjoying the comfort and security of a single location.

However, if you are one of those people who wants to travel, see the world and have unexpected experiences - this category is for you. Booking services, planning tools, travel gear - anything related to travel can be found here.

Not everything, but anything. There's a difference. Don't go chasing us around the world to tell us.


It can be hard finding a way to earn money, when you busy yourself with unconventional projects. But nowadays, monetizing your projects is exceptionally easy.

It does not require you to be some tip-top kind of person. You simply put something out into the world, use a platform that allows others to donate or purchase your value, and finally - you cash out.

This category hosts the most lucrative and easy-to-use platforms, that integrate with websites, social media, etc. You name - somebody got it.


BuyMeACoffe is a better alternative to Patreon. It provides you with a personal page, in which your community can donate, comment and get access to exclusive content.


In case, you did not like BuyMeACoffee. Ko-Fi is another great alternative, based on the same principles and integration capabilities. Either way, they are both perfect at what they do.


Currently, Patreon is the most popular monetization platform for creators and influences. It allows you to post exclusive content, including videos, photos, etc. But beware of their fees.


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